You want to live in a community that has a positive impact on the environment and makes a statement regarding your values. Solara provides "Ecoluxury" living, a resort style experience with almost no negative impact on the environment. Explore all the eco-friendly benefits below for a running tally of just how earth-friendly Solara really is.

Does it matter where
you live?
What does "net zero" mean?

Ecoluxury Features

  • Each building features a 150 kW solar photovoltaic array that provides 100% of the energy needs.  When completely built, Solara will have solar production capacity of over 1.6 MW.

  • Each building features a 1200 Gallon solar hot water system, providing a seemingly endless supply of hot water

  • Ultra tight, draft-free energy efficient buildings with air-tightness of 0.3 ACH50 or less.

  • Passive solar design with exterior window shading

  • Highly efficient windows that maximizes solar heating while minimizing thermal losses.

  • Continuous fresh-air ventilation with intelligent "smart" control that regulates humidity and monitors CO2 and VOC levels for superior indoor air quality.

  • Heating and cooling by an extremely efficient ductless minisplit air-sourced heat pump rated at 26.1 SEER and 12.5 HSRP. 

  • 100% LED lighting for all interior and exterior fixtures.

  • Energy Star appliances.

  • Energy saving heat pump dryer and water saving front-load washers.

  • FREE Smart apartment technology that allows automated and/or remote control of lighting and other plugged in appliances

  • In-apartment displays that help you monitor and track energy use.

  • EPA Indoor Air Plus certification for every unit. Certification requires the use of low/no VOC materials and finishes.  

  • Apartments feature all hard-surface flooring to minimize dust and allergans. 

  • FREE electric vehicle charging.  Every 24 Unit building has 12 charging stations.

  • Passive solar design with exterior window shading

  • Ceiling fans in each bedroom for added comfort and efficiency

  • Solar heated community pool (Phase II)

  • Solara is situated within walking distance to many retail and entertainment attractions as well as bike paths that reduce the need for automobile transportation


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