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A Window Into A Building's Air-Tightness

In the summertime, there's a real Catch-22 that occurs in every household: to open or not to open the windows. We've all had that argument at least once before where someone wants to open up the windows for a little fresh air while someone else insists that the air conditioner is much more suitable at recycling that hot, stale air inside your home.

While modern technology has given us all the opportunity to choose between these options, we often don't think about how else we can avoid the summer heat. Building design is really the best way to retain heat or, in this case, to ventilate it. And here's why: air-tightness in buildings allows for less heat to enter or escape your four walls. In other words, buildings with a complete heat envelope around them, foundation, exterior insulation, and all, will offer a thermal break for the structural members of a building.

Most new construction projects are built with air-tightness in mind, and that's great news for homeowners or apartment renters. With superior windows and insulation like those found in Solara Luxury Apartments, renters can feel at ease that their summer A/C bill will be no higher than the air temperature.

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