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Saving The Earth Never Seemed So Easy

This upcoming Monday is Earth Day, and if you haven't participated in Earth Day activities before, this is the year to get started. From having 12 years to reverse course on greenhouse gas emissions to the numerous incentives and programs out there for going green, you really have no excuse to something this Earth Day.

Here are few activities you can try this weekend from Constellation Energy's Blog:

1) Planting a tree is one small act that impacts your local ecosystem a lot. By capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and releasing oxygen, it's easy to see why trees are more well-known as the lungs of the Earth. Consider buying local too! You can visit a local tree nursery where they can show you native tree species that will work best for your yard. You'll also be supporting the local economy, which is always a plus!

2) Support local eco-friendly businesses this weekend. They're becoming more popular, and even if you can't find a brick and mortar business near you that supports the Earth, you can always shop online and buy from website like 4Ocean, which works to take plastic out of the ocean. Use your green to be green.

3) Consider going solar and search for alternatives sources for your electricity. While this one for homeowners, renters can look for complexes that support renewable energy like Solara Luxury Apartments. Solara is a net-zero building, which means we produce as much renewable energy as we need, so we don't utilize fossil fuels to power our buildings.

Check out our Learn tab to see what else Solara does to mitigate our carbon footprint.

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