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Energy In Motion: How ERV Cracks The Code On Home Ventilation

We've all been there before: laying in bed on one hot night in summer, and you're unable to go to bed. You're sweating. You're bothered. Why didn't you just buy an A/C?

Well, getting an A/C will certainly regulate your home on those hot days and nights, but what about the rest of the year? Especially here in the northeast U.S., we're liable to change temperatures at a moment's notice. One night we're in the 70º's, and the next night, we're back down to the 50º's.

That's why being able to actively regulate your home's temperature while maintaining a low utility bill can be a challenge, but that's where smart home technology comes into play. And here at Solara, we implement an ERV system that regulates each our luxury rental apartments.

So, what is Energy Recovery Ventilation, or ERV?

In order to keep a building cool in the summer and warm in the winter, good ventilation is required. You need to get the stale air out in the summer to keep it cool, and you need to regulate the heat from leaving the home during the winter.

Not only that, ERV also cycles harmful air pollutants out of your home and delivers you fresh air throughout the day.

You can see a virtual demonstration of this from the National Radon Defense here:

Energy Recovery Ventilation is the process of cycling air throughout the home, so that it maintains a steady internal temperature. We use it in conjunction with our other smart home technology and renewable energy systems to provide our fresh air and regular temperature.

And check out our technology page to see our ERV system in action!

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