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Energy Use & You

Stop what you're doing!

That's what you normally hear from environmentalists who want you to stop using so much energy, but why should you stop? Why does limiting energy use make sense for reducing carbon emissions.

Well, for one thing, most of our energy comes from nonrenewable resources currently, so by using more energy, you're more than likely using nonrenewable energy sources that are polluting our air and contributing to climate change. For another thing, even when you do use energy from renewable sources, it's not as though the energy is 'free'. Much of the renewable energy we use must be supported by the power grid, which still runs on fossil fuels to generate electricity. Renewable energy electricity is better, but it's not perfect.

That's why energy use should be limited to the bare necessities, if possible. Obviously, we cannot always be the best stewards of the environment. We have parties. We fall asleep with the TV on. We make mistakes. But these missteps shouldn't stop us from trying to be better.

That's one reason why living in a net-zero building is better than living elsewhere. As we say on Solara's website, "the goal of the net-zero concept is for the community to use no more energy than can be generated by on-site renewable sources. " In a net-zero community, you've not only got the assurance that you're using renewable energy but you've also got a community of people who help you become a better steward of the environment.

We're better together.

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