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On-Site Solar Power Is Electricity Made Simple

Think about the last time your home experienced a power outage...

You remember getting out the candles, flashlights, etc.?

Power outages are an unfortunate but ever present problem for any household or apartment. Buildings need to be connected to the grid though otherwise they would lose power. And while on-site solar doesn't solve the grid problem, unless you're interested in off-grid solar technology, solar does eliminate one problem: back-up power.

A major benefit to having an on-site solar panel grid at our apartments here at Solara is that we're able to weather the storm through good times and bad times. When it's raining, we can rely on the grid to help power us up. When it's nice and sunny, we're giving power back to the grid.

This give-and-take mechanism in our power production allows our residents to receive the benefits of renewable energy, as well as peace of mind for their apartments. And if that weren't enough, our solar power productions helps lower the costs that burden our residents. Because our energy is created on-site, it reduces the overall cost of each tenants' utilities bill.

That's electricity made simple!

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