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Solara is an exciting, ground-breaking, state-of-the-art, eco-friendly, “net-zero” luxury apartment community located in Rotterdam NY.

Solara utilizes the latest in renewable and energy-efficiency technologies to meet or exceed all of the energy needs of the community. Solara is one of the most technologically advanced apartment communities ever built.

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When complete, Solara will consist of 248 luxury apartment homes and an amenity-rich clubhouse and will be the largest net zero apartment community in the United States.

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Luxury-One pricing takes all the hassle out of apartment living by conveniently bundling all your utilities into your monthly rental payment. Including:


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Feel good about your ability to live well today without impacting the future. Choosing where to live has a huge impact on the environment and the defining crisis of our time, climate change.

Solara is not only energy-efficient but is a “net zero” community. A “net-zero” community meets 100% of its energy through on-site solar power.

You leave virtually no carbon footprint living at Solara. Future generations will thank you.

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