Luxury-One Pricing

What is Luxury-One Pricing?

Luxury-One pricing takes all the hassle out of apartment living by conveniently bundling all your utilities into your monthly rental payment. With Luxury-One, there are no extra bills to track and pay, no uncertainty of costs, no concerns of usage, just pure convenience. Luxury-One pricing includes all utilities summarized below, in addition to, snow removal, garbage removal and sewer services.

High Speed WIFI

Unlimited 100 x 100 MB WIFI connective in every room with ample bandwidth for gaming, streaming and surfing.


72(+/-) popular channels included!


Never deal with another electricity bill again. Know that all your electricity comes from 100% solar energy.

Heat & Cool

Set your thermostat without concern for cost or guilt. You have complete control to set the temperature to meet your comfort.

Hot & Cold H2O

Take showers and do laundry with virtually an endless supply of solar hot water.

Smart Home

Control lighting, locks and any other smart devices you may choose to bring to make your home well connected.

EV Charging

Enjoy unlimited electric vehicle charging from the one of many EV charging stations under the solar carports.

Covered Parking

Enjoy shelter from the weather under the cover of our solar carports

Secure Package Room

Rest easy that your packages are securely delivered and retrieved from our automated package room.