Designing A Net-Zero Living Environment

When you think about a net zero lifestyle, what’s the first thing you think about?

Probably compromise, right?

Well, the reason why you think that is we’ve only heard one narrative on eco-friendly living. The classic story that we live either in comfort but hold misaligned values or in compromise but serve our values. But the thing is, this idea that you need to compromise to do good for the world is outdated.

With net zero design and new energy efficiency technology, we can all live in comfort while also living in accordance with the best eco-friendly standards out there. But how is it possible? How can you have your cake and eat it too?

Well, it’s quite simple actually. We design and build an environment that puts eco-friendliness at the forefront of everything in our living space. From building with eco-friendly, energy saving materials during construction, we eliminate much of the need for energy up front and in the future.

And by the same token, we can apply that design to our interior with carefully chosen appliances, amenities, and furnishings. These choices can be made by any apartment complex or homeowner, but we make it our priority at Solara.

But what makes it possible for our apartment community to be net zero is our focus on renewable energy. With three uses of solar power throughout our complex, we ensure that our energy use will always be net zero.

That’s net-zero living… luxury and value all in one!