Pets & Summer Heat

It’s the summertime, and it’s the best time of year to get outside and spend some quality time with your pup or kitten!

But even though it’s important to get the fun in at the beach, playground, or park, as a pet parent, you know that summertime also means leaving your pet at home while you’re at work.

Some of us might have the luxury of having a petsitter or a friend to take care of our four-legged loved ones while we’re away, but many of us have to leave our dogs and cats in the house for the day.

That means leaving your air conditioner running all day while your furry friend stays home, which ends up costing you around 27-45 kWh, or about $3-5, during the day! Over the span of a month that adds up to $100-150 just for air conditioning alone.

You shouldn’t have to bear the brunt of the cost of your dog or cat just for their safety. That’s why Solara’s energy efficient, net-zero buildings offer cheaper utility bills overall, but since we’re 100% solar-powered (included in our Luxury One pricing benefits), we’ve got the on-site energy to lower your utility bill even further.

Hot dog! Well, not anymore.

Learn more about how to keep your pets safe this summer at the Humane Society:

And check out Solara’s technology page to see how our energy efficient apartments are made to keep dogs and humans alike cool on these hot days!