Solar Powered Apartments? How We Did It At Solara Luxury Apartments.

Think about the last time you saw a solar panel?

Where did you see it? On a rooftop? On a backpack? Or even in an array spanning a whole field?

The popularity and pervasiveness of renewable energy technology is undeniable these days. From your local grocery store to the home next door, solar, wind, and other renewables are becoming the norm for energy use. And especially for solar power, there are many ways that it impacts our lives: street lights, water heaters, batteries, etc.

So, what makes solar so special here at Solara?

Well, we’ve developed our complex to run almost exclusively on our on-site solar power. There are some logistical and legal challenges to being off-grid, so we are grid-connected, but the point is that we are running on solar all the time. That’s something very unique from any other building with solar power.

Furthermore, our solar power is varied. We have three ways of solar power generation, two active and one passive. The primary way we produce solar is through our solar carports shown below. These massive solar panels produce over 14 kWh of power per hour! And we have dozens of these all throughout our property.

The second way that we produce solar power is through solar panels on the rooftops of our buildings. These smaller panels work and act just like your ordinary rooftop solar, and offer extra power for the apartments and specifically our water heating system.

The last way that we produce solar power is a passive solar design for each of the rooms. Since we designed the buildings to allow sunshine in at certain angles depending on the height of the Sun in the sky, we can improve heating and cooling costs by passively heating and cooling the rooms. See Passive Solar Design to learn more: .