What Is Eco-Luxury?

For many of you, the word “eco-luxury” is probably a new term. But even if you have heard of it, the word probably doesn’t register with you on a daily basis. Think about it: when’s the last time you saw a product or service that was eco-friendly, let alone eco-luxury?

So today, we want to share with you how Solara cracked the code on environmentally-friendly products and built a one-of-a-kind eco-luxury residence.

1) What Is Eco-Luxury?

In a nutshell, eco-luxury is the intersection of environmentally-conscious values and beautiful product design/impressive service delivery. As an eco-luxury business, we’re committed to making your experience as best as it possibly can be while staying within our sustainable values.

At Solara, we’re eco-luxury because we’ve designed our apartments with high-quality furniture, smart home technology, the safest security measures, and sound dampening walls. All of these and more were built with eco-friendly materials, energy efficiency, and waste reduction in mind.

2) Why Is Eco-Luxury Valuable To You?

The reason why eco-luxury is so valuable to our customers is that it’s a win-win situation. More often than not when we buy “eco-friendly,” there’s always a compromise. But for eco-luxury, we strive to make our products and services BETTER than those of our competition. We want to compete on value and quality.

As an example, many of residents tell us that love our apartments for more than just the environmentally-friendly design. The luxurious amenities and appliances available in each apartment are better than those found in comparable apartments.

3) How Will Your Life Improve By Going Eco-Luxury?

Well, the first thing you’ll notice as an eco-luxury customer is that you’ll be getting much more value than you would at any other apartment complex. Our Luxury One Pricing is just one case of that savings. Not only that, but you’ll also experience superior service through our apartment’s staff and management. That’s valuable and luxurious.